Boyarsky Murphy Architects



Authored Books

1998 Nicholas Boyarsky, Nicola Murphy. Action Research. (London, Black Dog 1998)

Edited Books

2003 Nicholas Boyarsky, Peter Lang (editors), Urban Flashes: Asia

Architectural Design. London, AD Series Vol 73, No. 5. 2003)

Published Writings

2014 “We fight the battle with the drawings on the wall”: Observations by Nicholas Boyarsky in Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky                             and the Architectural Association. St Louis, Mildred Lane Art Kemper Museum, 2014.

Fitting, or How Things Arrange Themselves, Kansas, OZ. Vol 36,2014

2007 New of Old. Seoul, C3. Vol 0706

2004 PlastiCity. Liquid Contacts,Rome, 2004

2003 Nicholas Boyarsky, Peter Lang (editors), Urban Flashes: Asia

Architectural Design. London, AD Series Vol 73, No. 5. 2003

2002 Ti-Nan, Chi (editor) Urban Flashes. Taipei, Human Environment Group

2002 The Technique of Space, Poetics in Architecture-Architectural Design, London. AD Series Vol 72, No. 2

1999 Urban Actions, Seoul, Ideal Architecture,

1998 Architecture on the Line, London, Blueprint Magazine

1997 Sunworks, London, AA Files no. 30

Glass Tombstone/Glass Box. London AA Files no. 27

1996 Gordon Matta Clark – The Architect that Got Away. London, AA Files no 26, London


Publication of Architectural Work

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