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kazan waterfront


Conceptual Organisation – New Identities and Urban Waterscapes

The reclamation of the derelict and under-used urban riverside spaces is to be achieved by establishing a new role and identity for the area as a flexible, active and ecological intermediary and attractor between the city and the Volga. This identity will establish city-wide consciousness of the area that will celebrate the Volga and the positive environmental aspects of its enhanced ecosystems. The perception that the railway territories are a closed border and edge to the city can be overcome by building new bridges and underpass connections and by making the riverside spaces a key new destination point for the city. River connections such as new water buses and taxi routes will further overcome this perceptual barrier by integrating the riverside to the wider Kazan area.

A new positive identity for the Volga itself can be created with narratives concerning ecological well-being, biodiversity in a relaxed yet dynamic recreational and leisure destination. A museum and learning centre for the Volga will facilitate this. Floating elements to the designs will build on this narrative of integration and experience of water.