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yilong spine city

Our proposal for Yilong Futuristic City argues for a compact and layered linear city, the Spine, that compresses the built form of the city into a singular line across the landscape. The city is elevated and porous, it operates on multiple levels below ground, at ground level and above ground. It is organised along a continuous elevated route approximately 18 metres above ground level and 25 metres wide. This is an open, landscaped route without vehicular traffic. Housing elements are distributed along the route with heights ranging from four to 12 stories. Access to the dwellings is from ground level, from the below ground and from the rapid transit system that is suspended below the platform. A two storey continuous productive workshop and workspace extends below the elevated route. The ground level is open to the landscape forming a covered social space with small retail outlets, community centres, gathering spaces, sports areas etc. Larger scale public facilities such as shopping malls, cinemas, and cultural and sporting activities are located below ground. Additional housing is located on high points of the site, terraced along its contours. It is accessed from the landscape and serviced from below ground.

Spine City is a Smart City and a Connected City, it is connected at all levels: to the landscape and to information highways, to sustainable energies, to green transportation links, and to local food production. It is a Productive City where work and agricultural food production create a sustainable balance. It is a Living City where lifestyle and leisure take place within expanded landscapes.